Binh is a student, engineer, musician, and entrepreneur currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Born in the Bay Area to Vietnamese immigrants, Binh's life started with humble beginnings. In middle school, Binh's interest in engineering and science sparked in his math and science courses. His high academic achievement in middle school paved the way to a full scholarship to one of the most prestigious private schools in the nation, Crystal Springs Uplands School. There, Binh continued to pursue his interest in science and math and started learning computer science in the Computer Science Initiative that one of his fellow classmates founded. After high school, Binh attended the University of Southern California to study Electrical Engineering. Binh became involved with multiple organizations on campus including USC FSAE Racing, USC Solar Car, USC Hyperloop, and QuEST (Queers in Engineering, Science, and Technology). After graduating with honors in May 2017, Binh interned at Western Digital, working in the Hardware Engineering team.

Binh's interests reach beyond Electrical Engineering. He is passionate about machine learning and is currently taking Andrew Ng's online courses on Coursera, working on several entrepreneurial projects using ML, and pursuing a Master's Degree in Data Science / Machine Learning. Binh has his mind and faith set on achieving great success.